Should You Pay for Customer Service

Yesterday EE announced that if you want to jump the inevitable queues in their customer service you can do so but it will cost you 50p

This to me is wrong on so many levels. Firstly it says they cannot be bothered to just have enough staff to deal with the enquiries they are getting and provide a reasonable level of service to everyone.

Secondly it suggests that they have many issues with processes, billing, faults etc that they have not fixed that are generating the calls in the first place. Again rather than address the cause they will make customers pay for something that is not their fault.

Finally it is creating a two tier service between those that can pay and those that can’t. Whilst I would want to draw too many parallels with the NHS and private health care as at least in that case people have a choice in how they spend their disposal income. What EE have done is introduce something that was not in their contract at the beginning and until that contract ends they cannot move to another provider that treats all customers equally.

What would happen if everyone in the queue opted to pay the 50p then they would all stay where they are, maybe then they would introduce a super premium service

That is to say I don’t have a problem with companies that often different tier products eg the various coloured American Express cards that come with different costs and different features

What do other people think – is paying for basic customer acceptable?