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Equinox is all about ensuring your business has the right telecommunications, for both now and the future.  Predicting the future is difficult at the best of times, but let’s make sure your telephone, mobile and internet connectivity contracts have the flexibility needed to deal with rapid changes in your business.

With more than 20 years’ telecoms experience our Managing Director, Dave Millett, knows what good, and not so good, telecoms provision looks like.

After working for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Avaya, Nortel and Inclarity, Equinox was formed to help companies get the right advice and service for their needs.  We work with companies from sole traders to international corporates and national carriers. As an independent broker, we have access to the whole market, across all forms of telecommunications.

The majority of our clients can be defined as SMEs and we both advise and provision landlines (VoIP and ISDN), mobiles and internet connectivity for a range of businesses, with significant experience in three areas:

  • Property, particularly multi-site estate agents
  • Hospitality, including a number of bar chains
  • Finance, from Hedge Funds to investment banks

As an independent consultancy we can choose the most appropriate supplier for your needs.  By doing this, we expect to deliver either savings in the region of 25-30% or productivity/performance enhancements (we often deliver both).

Recent projects have included:

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