Accountants are great business advisorsAccountants really are business advisors

Your role as an accountant is often misunderstood. Many people will describe you as a bean-counter, a number-cruncher. The picture of an accountant is someone who is boring and prefers the company of Sage or Excel to anything else.

At Equinox we know that’s not the case. Your role starts with ensuring your clients meet their statutory requirements and the deadlines, but it goes on to help them to perform better as a business.

With access to all the numbers, you can quickly see when something looks wrong: someone is paying too much for something. You can then alert them to this and allow them the opportunity to review those costs.

We’d like to help you help your clients.

As independent telecoms brokers, Equinox helps 100’s of businesses to manage their telecoms costs and to have the right telecoms solutions in place. Over 70% of small businesses admit to not having reviewed their telecoms costs (landlines, mobiles and internet) for at least two years.

On average we save our clients 35% and we recently reduced one client’s bills by 90%!  Would that be useful to some of your clients?

Our Partner Programme will then provide you with up to 20% commission for the lifetime of our contract with that company? Interested?

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