90% of small businesses haven’t reviewed their telecoms costs for more than two years. When was the last time you reviewed your contracts?

With more and more competition entering the marketplace, it really is a buyer’s market so it pays to review your telecoms costs and contracts regularly, but we recognise that you don’t always have the time to search the market. After all, it’s something that takes time; time that you probably don’t have.

Equinox is completely independent and so guarantees to get you the right deal. On average, we cut our clients’ bills by 30% and often achieve far greater savings. There has been only one company who we haven’t been able to help in the last five years! If you need a little more proof on how we can help, have a look at what some of our clients have said.

Recent examples…
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  • Upgraded a south London church to a fibre internet connection and still reduced their overall telecoms costs by 28% a year.
  • A garage chain in Yorkshire had not review their bills in 8 years we were able to reduce the call element by 91.5% – a record for us
  • Identified 54% savings for a large Media company in Essex through cheaper calls and migrating their ISDN lines to SIP
  • Saved a chain of  estate agents over 50% through moving them from capped calls to paying for actual usage

All we need to see are your bills, and to talk about your telecoms needs, to get you the best deals. What’s more we don’t charge you a penny! Interested?

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