Should BT still own Openreach?

Ofcom is conducting a review as to what the ongoing relationship between BT and Openreach should be in the future. They are considering 4 options: Maintain the status quo More deregulation The “structural separation” of Openreach and BT – in particular whether Openreach could be spun out more fully from BT Adjusting the existing system […]

Reflection on 36 Years in The Telecoms Industry

On October 1st 2015 I completed 36 years in the Telecoms Industry. On that day in 1979 I turned up as a Trainee Accountant to start work with Post Office (Telecommunications). That predates BT, Buzby and Maureen Lipman adverts about ‘ologies. At that time never mind no email, internet or mobile phones we had no […]

We’ve been shortlisted!

As a Micro-business Entrepreneur It was a good day that turned into a great day when we received notification that we’d been shortlisted for this award. The Great British Entrepreneur Awards has 16 different categories looking at a whole range of different business types. I’m not counting my chickens as we’re up against some other […]

Unicom Fined £200,000 by Ofcom For Misleading Customers

Really pleased to hear that Ofcom have just announced they are fining Unicom for misleading small business over telecoms deals. We have reproduced the full text of the result below. But in short if you signed a deal with Unicom between 1 March 2013 to 8 July 2014 you can get out for free with […]

Changes to Broadband Transfer Process

If you are thinking on changing broadband providers it may be advisable to wait until June 20th when new Ofcom rules come into force that will make the process much simpler. If you have tried before you had to get a MAC code from the existing provider and in many cases it was not easily […]

Free Phone System! Really?

In 2011 three directors of a telecoms company in Norfolk were sent to jail for fraud.  They enticed companies and charities with the promise of free phones. Those who took up the offer then found themselves stuck in expensive, long-term contracts far out-weighing the ‘free’ phones. Like many scams they keep resurfacing – and companies […]

Things to consider before choosing a VOIP supplier

More and more companies are considering changing to a cloud based or VOIP telephone system. This is shown by the fact that in 2014 sales of PBXs were down significantly whilst VOIP sales were up 10%. There are almost 100 suppliers in the UK. We have evaluated many of them over the last 6 years […]

What Will the Telecoms Market Look Like in 2015

So we are just over one month into 2015 and it is already looking like it will be an interesting year in the telecoms market. Apple have managed to start two more law cases so no change there. They have also announced record profits. The CEO of Blackberry has demanded developers should be made to produce […]

Why do Telecoms Suppliers always compare their Prices with BT?

  It is interesting to notice that in many industries everyone compares themselves to the market leader.  Whilst the telecoms industry is like many others in this respect, it also takes the opportunity to make some great marketing claims, which often do not stand up to reality. For example on their website Unicom show a […]

How To Annoy Your Customers Before You Even Talk to Them

Customer satisfaction is the key to the long-term success of any business. But far too many companies annoy and frustrate their customers before they even speak to them! They do this by making it difficult and/or expensive for their customers to contact them.   Here are some of the classic mistakes: Despite the growth of the web, […]

Telecoms Issues to consider when Moving Office

Telecoms Issues to consider when Moving Office With the ongoing upturn in economic indicators we have noticed that there has been an increase in enquiries from new and existing clients who are considering moving office.  So we thought it might be useful to produce a checklist for anyone else considering such a move. Your Existing […]

Common Telecoms Mistakes Made By Business Start-Ups

Around 500,000 new businesses are started each year. (Source: Startup Britain).  However, far too many of those businesses make mistakes with their telecoms. Telecoms mistakes that can cost money and result in a loss of business.  Here are nine of the most common, easily avoidable, mistakes new business owners make with their telecoms: Only having a […]