Charities Being Ripped Off

All industries unfortunately attract suppliers that shall we say are less than scrupulous.  The telecoms industry is no different, it is especially frustrating when there is plenty of money to be made without resorting to dubious practices or taking advantage of the lack of knowledge most people have. We have seen a number examples within […]

What does Your Phone Number Say about Your Business?

What does Your Phone Number Say about Your Business? Many companies underestimate the importance of having the right phone number for their business and don’t consider what this says about their company and their brand.  Here is a simple guide to the options. Many start-ups think they can save money by just using a mobile […]

SIM only, Sharer or Individual Contracts – Which is Best for your Business Mobile Service?

SIM only, Sharer or Individual Contracts – Which is Best for your Business Mobile Service? There are now a range of different options for organisations when they source their mobiles. Not all will be advertised as the networks would prefer to get you on two year contracts where if you add a handset at a […]

Should You Pay for Customer Service

Yesterday EE announced that if you want to jump the inevitable queues in their customer service you can do so but it will cost you 50p This to me is wrong on so many levels. Firstly it says they cannot be bothered to just have enough staff to deal with the enquiries they are […]

Do you use 08 numbers – if so you may need to change them

The use of 08 numbers will change dramatically over the coming year. Some of the changes come into effect in a couple of months and have major implications if you use 0845, 0800, 0843, 0844 or 0870 numbers in your business, particularly if you have legacy numbers we’ve not supplied or been made aware of. […]

Can your staff really work from home?

With the next tube strike just days away, what options do your staff have if they live on the tube network? Are they able to effectively work from home or will your business suffer because of the strikes? Many bosses prefer to have their staff in the office, even with today’s technology meaning it really […]

What will be the impact of the EU roaming vote?

The media is full of comments around the EU’s vote to banish roaming charges.  Add that to the recent European Commission survey that says more than 1 in 4 people switch off their mobile phones when travelling in Europe and outside of their home country and it is safe to say that roaming is a […]

The Mobile Industry – who is history and who will be?

  Seven years ago most people used either a Blackberry or Nokia as their mobile device.  They were the two hottest telecoms companies of the day. Blackberry had a market capitalisation of over $50bn, whilst Nokia as a whole was valued at $150bn. Move forward to today.  Blackberry is almost in freefall with poor takeup […]

Seven Deadly Sins of Telecoms – Envy

Envy – buying features that you don’t need If a friend or neighbour gets a new gadget – be it the largest TV, smartest hi-fi or even a sports car – there’s part of us that wants it as well.  It’s only human nature. Similarly when a friend or business contact tells you about the […]

SIP vs ISDN – Is the Battle Over?

Recent figures from analysts Illume show that the SIP market grew in the first half of this year by almost 15% whilst ISDN connections continue to decline.  So is it a foregone conclusion as to which one a business should use? Looking at SIP providers, the majority promote SIP as being cheaper to install and […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Telecoms – Lust

Phone manufacturers are always tempting customers with new features as a means of upgrading their systems, or encouraging them to buy more than they need.  Such as the latest video phones, collaboration systems or presence.  Whilst these can all be useful they do not benefit everyone.  But lots of people like shiny new toys –  […]

Is the PBX making a comeback or have hosted companies lost the marketing plot?

Is the PBX making a comeback or have hosted companies lost the marketing plot? Over the past few months we have noticed that an increasing number of our clients are interested in installing new PBX systems. Some want to combine these with hosted solutions. Others want PBX alone. This time last year about 80% of […]