shutterstock_13529110Broadband is a vital tool for any business today. Broadband costs are also important but you need to align cost and performance quality. At Equinox, we ensure you have the right connectivity.

Broadband services can be acquired extremely cheaply if you are prepared to risk using a consumer service such as Plusnet or Virgin Media. Assuming you pay line rental, some of these broadband providers charge less than £10 per month!

At the other end of the scale, dedicated fibre leased lines of up to 10Gb speeds will cost £100’s per month.

At Equinox, it’s our job to find you the right connectivity for your business. We get to understand your needs:

  • What will your internet connection be used for (surfing the net, VoIP, hosted desktop, trading connections etc.)
  • How many concurrent users will be on the line?
  • How fast does your connection need to be?
  • What data is
  • Do you need connection continuity? What will you do if your line goes down?

So we can advise you on the right solution, identify the best provider and get you the best prices.

If you haven’t reviewed your internet connectivity needs recently, we can do it for you. In the last five years we have either improved the service or reduced the costs of internet connectivity for every company we conducted a connectivity review for.

Download our Broadband Options Leaflet here to see which one is best for you!

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