Changes to Broadband Transfer Process

If you are thinking on changing broadband providers it may be advisable to wait until June 20th when new Ofcom rules come into force that will make the process much simpler.

If you have tried before you had to get a MAC code from the existing provider and in many cases it was not easily obtained plus you often had to justify why you were moving etc.

So what will be different – Ofcom has decided that the broadband migrations will be implemented by using the “Gaining Provider Led” process. Which in English means it will be the same as phone line rental transfers. You select a new provider and place a new order to migrate your service(s).

The new provider will contact the losing supplier who will check with the customer the request is genuine.

So far so good – the downside is that the migration process will now take 10 days, instead of the current 5 days. This is to allow enough time for the customer to confirm their decision, or to change their mind.

Overall though this is a positive move as it makes changing simpler. But one warning note if you are transferring check if your router is locked to the existing provider. If it is you may need a new one from the new provider.