£150 donation if we can’t save you 20%


Every penny within a charity is precious. The more that can be used for your cause, the better the end results, whether that’s medical research, stopping abuse or simply being a source of information.

That’s why this offer works so well; the charity benefits no matter what.

Equinox works with a growing number of charities, helping them improve the performance of their telecommunications and, perhaps most importantly, reducing their cost.  The telecoms reviews Dave & his team have done over the last couple of years have saved £1,000’s and they would love to do

the same for your charity.  The offer is:

If we cannot save you 20% on the cost of your landlines (lines and calls), we’ll donate £150 to your charity


All we need is an itemised bill so we can see what calls you’re making and how they are being charged for.

What do you have to lose?

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