Do you have the right internet connection for your business?

Few businesses can work effectively without an internet connection. Emails, social media, websites, data storage, VoIP, Cloud Computing: all require you to have an internet connection of some sort. With the right form of internet connection, your business is efficient, productive and available. Without it you are cut off from your clients, your suppliers and, sometimes, even your team.


  • What is the right internet connection for your business?
  • What is available for your postcode(s)?
  • Just how quickly do you need to move information about?
  • What level of redundancy to you need?
  • What SLAs and guarantees do you want and need?
  • WiFi or cabled connections within your office?
  • Are there connectivity grants available in your area?

Equinox can help by helping define your requirements and supporting or managing the entire procurement process.

Once you have your internet connection to your office, how will it be used by your team? Do they work at fixed desk positions or do you have a hot-desking culture?  Do you need cables to each desk or does a secure WiFi solution work best for your business culture?

Your internet connection is your link with the outside world; to your clients, suppliers and staff. Many commercial connectivity contracts are multi-year contracts, so let us help you make the right choice.

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