Is your Data Really Secure?

Is Cyber security is right at the top of your business agenda at the moment? Are you looking at your IT network – their laptops and emails – when thinking about this?

Have you considered how your telecoms can make you vulnerable?


  • Do company mobiles connect directly to the network?
  • Is company data secure on your mobile phones?
  • Can you wipe company data if a phone is lost or a member of staff leaves the business?
  • Do you have a BYOD policy or do you issue company phones?
  • How secure is your WiFi
  • What is your policy around the use of public WiFi when your staff work remotely?

Equinox can help by helping you enhance your cyber security to ensure it’s not just your laptops, but your whole IT infrastructure, that’s is protected.

In some ways your telecoms can be the weakest link in your cyber security protection. Your internet connections and your mobile phones are key components that need to be assessed and considered in your cyber security planning.

As with every telecoms solution we provide, we have access to the whole market. We will provide you with the right solution for your needs. Whether that is around your mobile phones, your VoIP or your internet connections, you can trust Equinox to keep you secure.

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