Christmas Competition

Fancy winning an Amazon Echo and an Echo Dot?

Great. Simply refer your clients to us so we can help them with your telecoms needs. The person who refers the highest value of potential business to us before the 14th December 2018 wins.

To help with this, here are some questions you might like to ask them:

  • When was the last time you reviewed your phone contracts? Prices have plummeted over the last few years as competition has increased.
  • Are you paying per call or per second for calls? If they are making large volumes of short calls, they are probably paying too much.
  • Do they want to make use of their internet connection to save money and improve communication?
  • Are they using more and more cloud-based services, such as Office365, Skype, Slack or Google Apps? If they are, they will need more bandwidth to ensure things don’t slow down.

If you would like more, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. If your clients have any questions you are unsure how to answer, let us know. We’re happy to talk to your clients on your behalf before or after you refer them.

The Rules

Simple, there are just three:

  1. It takes a minimum of two qualified referrals to qualify.
  2. We have to qualify the referrals before they count.
  3. The highest total wins

Click HERE to send us your referrals

Good luck.

Remember the closing date is the 14th December and the winners will get their prizes before Christmas

Get in touch

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