Our favourite dirty tricks of 2015

card trick 750With Ofcom fining Unicom £200,000 for misleading sales techniques we thought it would be good time to share the best or worst, depending on your point of view, of the dirty tricks we observed this year.

Third – an old favourite: the minimum charge for calls. This was for an outbound call centre where 70% of calls last less than 30 seconds. It wasn’t a PPI company otherwise it might have been justified – but it wasn’t and the supplier had not declared it in any of their materials and it inflated the call bill by 50%

Second – having already caught out a company on a long term lease hire which meant £3k of equipment was going to cost £14k, the supplier suggested extending the lease for another 7 years when they wanted to add a couple of handsets. This would have added another £10k to the bill.

First – a supplier who uses what looks like a landline number for its broadband support desk. But if you call it from one of their own lines it costs 50p a minute. We tried calling it from our lines and the cost was as per a normal landline – so they must have programmed their billing to charge it differently. Maybe they also engineer faults on their broadband to drive up profits!

If you know people who are worried about their contracts, ask them to give us a call. We want to expose the tricksters to protect others, so the more evidence we have, the better.