Telecoms review saves Croydon School 80%

This project also saved the council £3,500 in capital expenses.

Croydon_ward_mapLet’s put this into context:

A Croydon primary school with just six phone lines was looking to replace their ageing phone system and to review their contracts for lines and calls. They were looking to both improve their telephony arrangements and to make savings, if possible.

They were referred to Equinox after getting quotes from another provider. After reviewing their requirements, Equinox was able to:

  • Provide a phone system for £3,500 less than the competitive quote.
  • Reduce the line rental charges
  • Cut the cost of calls by 80%, from £4,500 per annum to around £800

In Croydon capital expenditure (CAPex) is paid for by the council, with operational costs (OPex) being the responsibility of the school.

Going forward we have ensured that their call charges will stay in line with the market, meaning they will make further savings each year.

We would love to be able to tell you which school this was, and have a great testimonial with it, but the school seems to a little embarrassed by the extent of the savings we’ve delivered for them. We think it’s because they should have checked their contract rates well before they did.

They shouldn’t be.  We find that 80% of companies haven’t checked for at least 2 years and 25% haven’t checked for 5 years.

This school is one of many we’ve helped over the years.  We did some calculations recently that suggested the savings available could be as much as £50 million across the country. That money could pay for 1,500 more primary school teachers!

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