Can anyone help us with a telecom contract problem please?

Reduced rate and a £700 refund

Equinox helped us when we had just about accepted that we were going to be stuck with an extortionate 5 year telecom contract (to the cost £10,000+) which we had unknowingly signed up for. We had realised we were being fleeced when the bills increased massively overnight. We spent the next 8 months trying to negotiate with our provider. They insisted that the contract was binding despite our argument that it was totally mis-sold. We had legal advice but no-one was willing to help. Just when we were about to admit defeat we tweeted “can anyone help us with a telecom contract problem please”.

Dave replied straight away and has since sorted it all out for us. He spoke to our provider directly, had meetings with the customer service bosses, generally “kicked butt!”, with the result that we are now on a 1 year contract with massively reduced charges and have received a £700 refund. When the end of our one year term approaches we will definitely contact Equinox.

“I would highly recommend anyone who is considering changing provider, or signing a new contract, to contact Dave first. He really does know what he’s talking about and will probably save you a lot of stress and money! We are eternally grateful for his help. He was never judgemental, always pleasant, kept us informed at every step and helped us out of what we had thought was an impossible situation.”

Eli Taylor

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