Funding for Schools: schools can save £1,000's simply by reviewing their telecoms costs regularly

£45 million a year is wasted by UK schools

Make sure your’s isn’t one of them.

Funding for schools is a hot topic. It is in the media almost every day. School budgets are known to be tight and every penny counts.  Money that can be saved on utility costs such as telephony or internet connections can then be better spent educating the pupils.

With budgets the way they are, everyone involved in running a school is extremely busy.  There is rarely time to be able to sit down and review matters, particularly those costs that aren’t “in your face”.  With the responsibility for these costs being decentralised, the skills needed are sometimes not in a school.  Traditionally it was only about passing knowledge and skills to the children; now many more skills are needed.  That’s where Equinox comes in.

If you’d like to see what savings are available by reviewing your telephony and internet costs, we’d love to have a chat.  It really is very simple: we just need to see your latest bills.

One last thing to say: There is no charge for our services, meaning you keep all the savings.


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