Contact Centres

Your call centre allows you to talk to large numbers of people easily and effectively. Your telephone system needs to ensure your calls are dealt with efficiently, whether inbound or outbound.

Your Call Centre Manager needs good management information to know how many calls are being made, how many are in the queue, are any being missed and much more.

Your Finance Director needs to be confident you are on the right call tariff for the types of calls you make.

At Equinox, we have seen several call centres on cost per call tariffs when they are making large numbers of short calls. A cost per second tariff would be far more cost effective.

Equinox can help you get the right call centre solution for your business.

Whether this is your first call centre, whether you are expanding or whether you are upgrading your system, improvements in technology mean so much more can be done. Virtual call centres can reduce staff turnover, reduce office needs and save money.

Options include:

  • Multimedia Contact Centres
  • Virtual Call Centres
  • Call recording
  • Self service
  • Inbound call management
  • Predictive Diallers
  • Quality Monitoring and Workforce Management

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