Cost Reduction

A highly competitive market drives costs down and gives you the opportunity to make significant savings on your telecoms costs. Many businesses operate a “If it ain’t broke..” policy when it comes to telecoms, but this means paying much more than they should. Don’t make that mistake when you don’t have to.

Equinox will review your telecoms costs and show you the opportunities you have to save money and often improve the quality and performance of your telephones, your internet and your mobiles.

Here’s a few of the common mistakes people make:

  • Not reviewing contracts and tariffs as they come up for renewal
  • Adding additional users on new contracts
  • Cost per call tariffs instead of cost per second
  • Unlimited minutes or data – just in case
  • Sticking with the big-name provider

Don’t make the same mistakes and save money immediately.

A highly competitive market means it is a complex one too.  Equinox is completely independent and so has access to the whole market to bring you the right services, tariffs and contract terms to meet the needs of your business.

On average we save 30%, but savings have been as high as 91%!

The service is free. All we need are your most recent bills and you keep ALL the savings.

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