Hosted VOIP is the ultimate in Pay As You Go  telephony.  No capital expenditure and the ability to increase and decrease capacity to meet your business needs; what could be better?

If you need voicemail, call diversion, hunt groups, call recording and many other services, all are simply added as you need. There’s no need to roll out services to individuals who do not need them either.

Equinox will help you through the myriad of VOIP suppliers on the market to help you find the right solution for your business.


  • Calls are free between sites; other calls and line rentals are reduced
  • Existing telephone numbers can be kept, whilst building common dial plans
  • There are no maintenance and support charges
  • Employees can work from anywhere as the phone and all its features follow you
  • Web based management tools give real time control over all extensions
  • Fully scalable – add or remove lines and features as needed
  • Built in business continuity
  • In-built future proofing means new updates are available without expensive upgrades
  • Ability to have landline extensions on your mobile

Different solution providers can have significant differences in terms of scalability, call quality, their features lists and the applications available. It is our job to work with you to plan for both now and for the future to ensure there isn’t the need to change again in a few years’ time.

As a truly independent provider, we have access to the whole market to find precisely what you need.

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