Inbound Call Options

Someone calls you; how do you want that call to be handled? Equinox can help you get the right inbound call solution for your business.

– Do you want the call to be answered with a routing menu or by a person

– Do you want to make the call free to the caller?

– Do you want your business to appear bigger than it really is?

– Do you wish to track the performance of individual marketing campaigns, particularly those offline?

These are just some of the ways the right inbound call solution can help your business. Equinox will help you make the right choice.

Finally, for businesses with older phone systems it can be a cost effective way of accessing technologies such as

  • Inbound call recording
  • Auto attendent announcements
  • Call Queuing and Messaging
  • Call distribution through sites
  • Time of day routing

Be careful when selecting what number you use.   If your customers are mainly calling from mobile phones it will be expensive if you use 08 based numbers.  Also using more expensive 0843/0844 type numbers may suggest you are more interested in making money from the call than actually talking to your customers.

Are you still using 0845 numbers?

Are you following the Ofcom guidelines? If not, you risk a fine of up to £5,000 for each instance you use the number without clearly displaying the costs?

Is an 0845 on your business card, your letter head, your website? Just that can mean £15,000 in fines for something that is easily avoidable.

Equinox will keep you on the right side of ever-changing legislation?

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