SIP Trunking

SIP trunking delivers dramatic savings over ISDN lines. If your PBX still used copper-based landlnes, SIP trunks offer a more effective solution that doesn’t mean you waste the investment made in the PBX.

Quality of Service (QoS) on your internet connection will mean the call quality is maintained and provides the resilience you need.

The flexibility delivered by SIP means you can increase and decrease capacity as needed. You are no longer tied into lengthy contracts for capacity you only need for part of the year.

How much do you currently spend on calls to your other offices? SIP can connect all your sites to one switchboard, meaning everyone can connect to everyone else quickly and easily. “Dave is in our other office; let me put you through” is a far better response than “Dave is in our other office; please call this number.” Which do you think your customers will prefer?

Equinox will help you find the right SIP solution for your business.


  • Free calls between sites
  • Enables the rationalisation of PBXs across multiple sites
  • Lower cost calls
  • Cheaper than ISDN when setting up new sites
  • Fully scaleable – turn capacity on and off as required
  • Creates a common dial plan
  • Allows you to keep your existing telephone numbers when moving
  • Better business continuity options
  • Can be used as a stepping stone to a fully hosted VOIP solution

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