Seven Deadly Sins of Telecoms – Envy

Envy – buying features that you don’t need


If a friend or neighbour gets a new gadget – be it the largest TV, smartest hi-fi or even a sports car – there’s part of us that wants it as well.  It’s only human nature.

Similarly when a friend or business contact tells you about the deal they got or the new telecoms feature that enables them to work from home or do video conferences on their laptop, it is tempting to think ‘my business must have that’.

However, businesses vary. The telecoms needs of an estate agent are very different to those of a school or a pharmaceutical company. So a solution that is beneficial to one is just a waste of money for others.

Suppliers are always willing to push new, whizzy features – at a cost, of course – but often with so-called benefits that cannot be substantiated.  Similarly, many business owners do not stop to think whether there’s better way of using telecoms to improve their business and help them leapfrog the competition.

So rather than just getting something because someone else has it, make sure you evaluate all the options before making a decision. And remember it is unlikely that one supplier will have all the answers.

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