New Year’s Telecoms Resolutions

I know it’s a bit late for anything that involves New Year’s resolutions, but I must admit I am excited on how things are going this year. It’s never too late to change with regards to your Telecoms, here are my top 5 New Year’s resolutions for businesses.

First Telecoms resolution

When did you last test your Customers’ experience by calling your own company – often this is potential customers first experience of dealing with your company. If you use auto prompts are they easy to use or do they ask for information that then has to be repeated when you speak to a real person. Does the person you speak to create the impression you want for your business and finally if you use an answering service are they creating the right impression for your company?

Second Telecoms Resolution

Have you got the right technology to allow staff to be more productive and that customers get the best service? Technology costs that enable home working and working on the move have fallen dramatically. Call recording to review the quality of customer service and video conferencing / webinar services to reduce travel costs were previously the preserve of large companies. They have got dramatically cheaper and are available for small monthly fees. Investments need to be justified by returns but because costs have fallen it is worth revisiting these areas.

Third Telecoms resolution

If you use 0843, 0844, 0845 or 09 numbers to front your business – is it enhancing or being detrimental to customer perception. Also is it compliant with Ofcom rules. From 1st July 2015 you must show in close proximity to it i.e. web, cards, vehicles, hoardings the cost of calling it. Our research showed that 75% of small businesses were in breach. At some point Ofcom will start issuing fines so make sure you check. Big firms are also guilty I saw yesterday a Barrett’s hoarding with an 0843 number and no details on the costs.

Fourth telecoms Resolution

The unfortunate events in Cumbria and Yorkshire have highlighted that businesses of any size should have a continuity plan that covers Telecoms? What would you do if you couldn’t access your premises or services are interrupted – lorry knocks over a BT cabinet (that’s happened)? Do you have a plan that enables you to answer calls from customers or suppliers? If not, they may go elsewhere? There are plenty of solutions to improve resilience which cost a lot less than lost business. Create one for your business and make sure everyone knows it.

Fifth telecoms Resolution

When was the last time you really checked your phone bills and not just make the payment? How do you know your provider has not put up the prices since contract was signed? It happens all the time.

Are there hidden charges they didn’t tell you about i.e. minimum call fees? Do you still need all those lines or handsets – 1 in 7 companies is paying for stuff they don’t use. It is a competitive market place so how do you know if prices have fallen, are you still getting a good deal. One of the deadly sins is sloth – don’t let it apply to taking time to check your bills.

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