The Seven Deadly Sins of Telecoms – Pride



Most business owners like to think they are good negotiators. They think they are onto a good deal because it was a bit cheaper than the last one.  Many business owners are a bit too proud to admit that someone else could negotiate a better deal than they can.

Unfortunately many suppliers use misleading comparison making claims such as ‘on average 59% cheaper than BT’.   More often than not they are comparing their offer with the official BT price list, which bears little relation to what actual offers BT are making.

Alternatively, they may just compare some prices and not look at the whole package. Another favourite is to make the headline comparison look good, but not admit to the fact there are hidden charges such as call set up fees or minimum prices.

The cost of telecoms has dropped dramatically in recent years and, as with mortgages, there are always special deals available. As brokers we know the real cost of everything and all the dirty tricks that can be played.  Hence we can ensure that our clients get a genuinely good deal with no hidden surprises

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