The Seven Deadly Sins of Telecom – Greed

Cheap headline tariffs do not always save you money


With many of the things you buy, the advertised price is not what you end up paying. We are all familiar with ‘from/to” pricing and know that the model we usually need is bound to be in the most expensive bracket, the ‘to’ bit. The same thing applies when selecting the provider for fixed or mobile telecom services; the advertised price is only the beginning.

With landlines in particular, call tariffs often look very attractive when advertised. However behind the cheap tariffs lurk hidden dangers. So always ask the following questions: –

1. Are call charges billed per second or per minute? The latter can add up to 20% to your bill.

2. To how many decimal places are calls billed or are they rounded up? Again the latter could increase the bill by 10%.

3. Get a full list of all call prices. Cheap calls to UK landlines and mobiles may be offset by higher prices to 0844, 0845 and 0870 numbers and to international destinations, if you make that type of call.

Also watch out for longer term deals whereby line rentals are cheaper or free. This means you are fixing your call prices for that period. Call costs generally fall, so saving a bit of money on line rentals may cost you more in the long term. The cost of calling mobiles from landlines has fallen almost 50% in the past 5 years, a long term deal would have prevented customers from benefiting from these.

With mobiles there are many low price deals, but check the cost of calls outside the inclusive destinations. Also ask what are the costs if you exceed the allowances and, even more so, roaming prices.

As always it is important to check anything before you sign it. We ensure the deals we negotiate for our clients are without any hidden nasty extras.

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