Everything You Need to Know about the Release of Apple Passkeys and Their Purpose

The Apple team is constantly trying to implement new changes to their products in order to ensure customers have an unproblematic and safe experience. The latest update that is expected to take place very soon is the introduction of the so-called passkeys. According to the developers, the passkeys will work just the same as passwords when a user accesses a particular website or a mobile application.

Below, we will deliver additional information about this highly anticipated update. In addition, we will also list a few of the other iOS-related changes that are expected to happen in the following months. Last but not least, we will share our opinion on the new passkeys update.

The Release and Importance of Apple Passkeys

The future launch of Apple passkeys was announced at the Apple World-Wide Developers Conference. Even though passkeys were not invented by Apple, there aren’t many companies that switched to using them. One of the reasons for the adoption of passkeys is, of course, the fact that users’ security will be enhanced.

The launch of passkeys will mark the beginning of a password-free era for Apple users. The passkeys will replace passwords and will protect consumers from various malicious strikes, including phishing attacks. Most of you have probably heard of this term. If a person receives a malicious email where he is asked to provide personal information, such as password, bank account information, etc., this means that the user has become a victim of a phishing attack.

With the release of passkeys, however, Apple customers will be utterly protected from such scams. They won’t have to think of long and complicated passwords. Instead, they will simply be required to turn on their Face ID or Touch ID feature, and the iOS system will take care of the rest of the process.

How Do Passkeys Work Exactly?

Many of you probably wonder how these passkeys will work. The truth is that, as aforesaid, they will completely replace the need for passwords for different websites or mobile apps. In the simplest terms, a passkey is an innovative login credential built on the WebAuthentication standard. One of the main differences between a password and a passkey is that the latter relies on the public key cryptography principle.

When an Apple user registers an account, the iOS system will create a unique mathematically related pair of keys, consisting of a public key and a private key. Even though the public one is shared and is no secret, the latter is never shared within the server, which undeniably enhances the security. The private key is used when users want to sign in.

However, in order to make use of it, they should enable the use of Face ID or Touch ID. The passkeys are much more reliable than passwords, and when using one, you cannot become a victim of malicious fraud by scammers. The best part is that passkeys can work on multitudinous devices, thanks to the iCloud Keychain.

Customers will also have to set up two-factor authentication. This way, if someone tries to log into your account for the first time, they will be asked to provide specific information. The first thing they’ll have to provide will be the Apple ID password, and the second will be a unique six-figure code generated on the trusted device.

Further iOS Updates Users Can Expect

One of the most exciting updates for users certainly is the opportunity to edit and recover messages, as well as mark ones as unread. This special feature is now available on Messenger and Instagram Chats, and the Apple team has definitely made the right decision to introduce it to iMessage, as well.

Another update that is considered a bit bizarre by a large percentage of iOS devotees is that the notification screen will not be located on the bottom. In other words, instead of scrolling down the top of the device’s screen, customers will have to scroll up from the bottom. Personalized lock screens are highly anticipated, as well.

Users will be able to create wallpapers consisting of numerous pictures. Plus, they will be able to position them wherever they want on the screen so that the time will be completely visible. The iCloud Family Library will become a reality, as well, allowing up to six family members to join and collaborate. Here are some of the other apps that will go through new and exciting changes beneficial to users:

  • Wallet App – Introduction of Buy Now, Pay Later feature that will allow customers to purchase an item and pay for it later.
  • SharePlay – An exclusive feature that will allow friends or family members to connect via Messages while watching a movie or a TV show in synchrony.
  • CarPlay – Apple users will be able to see more than one screen.

Thoughts on the Implementation of Apple Passkeys

Many experts believe that the release of Apple passkeys will be a complete game-changer. The reason being is that they are considered to be much more secure, simple to use, and beneficial to customers. We, too, believe that this is a major step that will make users’ experience incredibly convenient. Most importantly, however, with the use of passkeys, many consumers will eliminate the risks of becoming prey to cybercriminals.

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