Is the PBX making a comeback or have hosted companies lost the marketing plot?

Is the PBX making a comeback or have hosted companies lost the marketing plot?

Over the past few months we have noticed that an increasing number of our clients are interested in installing new PBX systems. Some want to combine these with hosted solutions. Others want PBX alone. This time last year about 80% of our clients were looking for hosted solutions – so what has happened?

I think there are several factors.  Firstly a lot of the PBX pricing has come down, particularly in the sub 100 extension space. Add to that the fact that many manufacturers are offering zero or very low interest deals to counter the opex v capex model advanced by the hosted providers.

Secondly the rapid growth of SIP has also challenged many of the initial advantages promoted as a reason to go hosted. These included:
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  • Free Intra site calls
  • Keep your number if you move
  • Business Continuity

Nowadays SIP* enables companies to achieve all of these. If FTTC* connectivity is also available the cost of connection is very low, particularly if your PBX is still working.

Yet a look at at most hosted suppliers’ websites shows that they are still talking about the old advantages and have not started to highlight other differentiators such as flexibility, simpler installation and support etc.

As is always the case, a PBX is right for some organisations and hosted is right for others.  Unfortunately the respective suppliers will only tell you that in each instance their solution is the right one.

We offer independent advice on both technologies, so if you are not sure which is right your organisation call us on 020 8912 0845.

*SIP – Session Initiation Protocol

*FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet